3 Simple Tips on Fixing Scratched Window Panes

Residential window panes can easily sustain damage due to accidental impacts from the outdoors or within the house. It is important for you to engage an emergency glass repair company when the damage is considerable. The significant problems include glass cracks, holes and dents on security windows.

If the damage is a simple scratch that has not penetrated the panes, you can choose carry out repairs. You should examine the scrape to ensure that it is superficial and the effect is purely in terms of aesthetics. You can perform the task with common items using these simple methods and tips.

Metal Polish Fix

You should clean the scratch and the area around it with a soft lint-free cloth before attempting this fix. Rough fabrics as well as paper towels are unsuitable because they can easily add more scrapes to the surface. This will cause more aesthetic and even functional damage.

When the area is clean, dab some metal polish on another dry cloth. This product can be purchased from local stores at a relatively low price. Rub the polish onto the scratched section gently to fix the damage and do not use the material in excess. The damage will disappear or become less apparent depending on severity of the damage.

Nail Polish Fix

Clear nail polish can eliminate scratches on residential glass windows when used appropriately. Clean the damaged glass thoroughly with a window cleaner and make sure that you have dried the area thoroughly. Moisture and dirt will affect the ability of the nail polish to adhere on the glass panes.

Apply an even coat of the clear fluid onto the scratched area using the bottle's original or identical brush. This will cover the damage and restore the original appearance of the window. You should ensure that the layer is not matted or heavily applied because this will affect aesthetics. In addition, you can use some polish remover on a cloth to remove any excess material.

DIY Scratch Remover

If you do not want to apply polish on your glass windows, you can create your own scratch remover treatment. Make a paste by mixing white toothpaste, water and baking soda. These are all mild items so they will not cause damage to you or your windows. Rub the paste over the scratch in circular motions with a damp cloth and wash the area with a clean cloth. You will have to repeat the process for quality results.

For more tips or assistance, you can always contact repair services like Midland Glass and Aluminium.