Three Benefits of a Custom Frameless Glass Shower

You might be considering installing a frameless glass shower during your bathroom renovation. Read about the following advantages while deciding whether to instal one in your bathroom.


A frameless shower is a great way to make your bathroom feel bigger and more open. Transparent screens make the enclosure nearly invisible, regardless of the shower's actual size. So, the screens don't serve as a room divider because you can see through them to the wall and all other room sections. As a result, the entire room will appear bigger. You can use the strategy of a frameless shower in a compact bathroom to give it a more spacious feeling.

Easy to Clean

You may hesitate to install a glass shower, worrying that the screens will be hard to wash. However, by installing a frameless model, you'll minimise cleaning. Framing creates crevices that capture water droplets and grime. Because a frameless model presents mainly bare glass, it's easier to wipe over with a microfibre cloth or squeegee. The hinges and brackets on these enclosures only cover a small area, making them simple to manage.


Another concern you might have about a glass shower is its safety. Toughened glass, however, is used in glass showers. These screens are heated in a furnace and then blasted with cold air as part of a tempering process. They're much stronger than float glass in windows, thanks to this technique. In any event, this glass is designed to shatter into small, rounded pieces if it breaks, so the risk of injuries is minimised. Plus, frameless showers are built in line with building codes, so you can be assured that they're reliable.

Size and Shape Options

You can design a custom frameless shower to make the most of your bathroom layout. If space is limited, you could construct a hexagonal or round enclosure and set it in a room corner. That way, you'll preserve valuable floor area. Conversely, if your bathroom is ample, you could construct a rectangle shower that reaches from wall to wall at the end of the room. You can choose the best door style for your layout also. Sliding doors roll to the side and don't take up floor space, suiting them to small rooms. Conversely, swinging doors require floor area, but they offer a wider entrance into the shower, helping those with mobility issues.

So, custom frameless shower screens have a lot of advantages. They provide a translucent enclosure free of visual clutter, which helps to make your bathroom appear more spacious. Because you get a broad perspective of the entire room, it seems to be larger by default. As a result, you can bathe and groom without feeling cramped or confined. Additionally, because frameless models feature less hardware, which is the structural component that collects grime, they're easy to clean. Finally, don't be fooled by the fact that glass is transparent. The toughened glass used in frameless showers is durable and subject to rigorous construction regulations. Even in the rare event that it breaks, the screens crumble into rounded cubes without dangerous pointy edges that can cause harm.