How to Integrate Glass into Your Kitchen

For people who want a sleek and contemporary feel in their kitchen, glass is an underused material that will create the style they are looking for. And because glass is transparent, it can create a feeling of light and space in a room of the house which is often crammed full of appliances and storage, and that can really benefit from a feeling of airiness. If you think you'd be interested in integrating glass into your kitchen, there are a few ways you can do this.

A glass splashback. Every functional kitchen needs a splashback to guard its walls from unwanted splatters from pots of bubbling pasta sauce and curry. Often, something like marble or chrome is used, but glass is a great alternative. First of all, glass doesn't stain at all, so it will be totally easy to wipe down those splatters. And something that you can do with a glass splashback that you can't do with any other splashback material is place lights behind the glass. A string of coloured LED lights sitting behind a glass splashback will turn this everyday functional feature of the kitchen into a talking point.

Glass countertops. Countertops are one of the most important features of the kitchen. They are used as the surface on which you chop veggies and prepare sauces, and they can also be used as dining areas. Of course, marble countertops are beautiful but they are also extremely expensive. Save your hard earned dollars and opt for glass countertops instead. Again, glass works well here because of its resistance to staining, but it's also naturally resistant to heat. This means that you can take a hot pan straight from the stove and place it on to your glass counters without even thinking about it.

Glass cabinet doors. If you have invested in lots of beautiful items such as stemware and ornate china dishes, there is little point in hiding them away from your guests. But how exactly can you put them on display in a modern, functional kitchen? A great solution is to attach glass doors to your kitchen cabinets so that all your very best items can be seen by everyone at all times. You can even put lighting inside the cabinets, which will present an alternative, soft method for lighting your kitchen in the evening time.

Enjoy a brighter, lighter, sleeker kitchen when you opt for glass. Learn more about your options by consulting resources like Professional Glass & Maintenance.