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Four Types of Windows to Consider For Your Replacement

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If you are in need of new windows, now is the perfect time for an upgrade. Instead of just changing one or two windows with cracks in them, consider replacing all of the windows in your home with a more insulated and energy-efficient option. Here are some different types of windows to choose from.

Double and Triple Pane Windows

When you intend to replace all the windows in your home, going for an upgrade like double or triple-pane windows is a great option. These windows have multiple panes of glass to help provide more durability, less cracking and better energy efficiency. Double-pane windows have two panes of glass, while triple-pane windows have three. If you have double- or triple-pane windows, the hot or cool air in your home is more efficient, which reduces how much you need to use your air conditioner or heater. This lowers your monthly energy costs while lowering your carbon footprint at the same time.

Low-E Windows

Another excellent type of glass for your windows is Low-E glass, also known as low-emissivity. This glass reflects infrared light coming through the window, which helps to filter out the heat from the sun. It helps reduce the temperature in your home so that it doesn’t get too hot. When this happens, you don’t use your air conditioner as much, so it is another good way to reduce how much energy you use. Also keep in mind Low-E glass can help reflect back the infrared heat when it’s cold, so you retain more of your heat that way.

Tempered Glass Windows

If you have a problem with broken windows because a lot of kids play ball close to your house, tempered glass is a good idea. This type of glass is treated with chemicals which makes it more durable. It is much more difficult to break from rocks, baseballs and hail from major storms. Another major benefit to tempered glass is that it breaks differently. Instead of cracking into shards that can hurt you, it breaks into smaller pieces that are circular. If there is an accident where someone ends up crashing into the window, there won’t be as many deep cuts.

Impact Resistant Glass

Finally, there is impact-resistant glass, which is also good for extra durability of the glass. This glass is great if you live somewhere that gets a lot of extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes. It is much more difficult to shatter this glass, even in major natural disasters, which can protect people inside or around the building at the time. For your home, it is good if you live in an area that gets hurricanes or other natural disasters and you want to protect your family. 

Talk with a company like Stevens Glass Pty Ltd for more information on glass options.

Steps on How to Replace Broken Window Glass

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Replacing a broken window can be expensive. Doing the job yourself, however, requires careful attention to detail and the right preparation, materials, and tools. Here’s a quick overview of how to tackle this job yourself. 

Preparing the Window for New Glass

These instructions apply to windows of most sizes though for large windows, you will first need to remove the entire window frame, placing it on a flat surface before attempting to remove any broken glass. For smaller windows, you can begin by removing the broken glass piece by piece. Always wear sturdy gloves and a long-sleeved shirt. If the window is only cracked, you’ll first need to remove the putty from the edge of the window before removing the cracked pane.

To remove putty, use a putty knife, a chisel, or a jackknife. Break the putty into pieces as you remove it as removing long strips in one go might damage the wood frame. Ensure that you have removed all of the putty. Putty can be heated up with a heat gun or soldering iron if it is difficult to remove.

You can then remove the glazier’s points, which are the small metal triangles that hold the glass in place. Next, remove any rough parts in the groove in the wooden frame where the new glass will sit. For older wooden frames, apply a heavy coat of linseed oil, allowing it to soak in. Linseed oil helps the new putty retain its moisture for longer. Now you can apply a thin layer of putty around the groove of the frame.

Installing New Glass

The next step is to fit the new pane of glass. Ensure that the pane is the exact measurements of the old pane. If the new glass is too large, it can be cut to size using a good quality glass cutter. Position the glass carefully, pressing firmly down and then inserting a glazier’s point at regular intervals along each side. Glazier’s points should sit flush against the glass with the spike pressed firmly into the frame using your knife or chisel.

The final step is to apply the putty, which should have the consistency of thick dough and should be free of lumps. Roll the putty into pencil-size strips and begin to apply at the corners of the frame using your knife to spread the putty. Use a glazing tool with a little linseed oil to smooth over the putty. Ensure that the putty covers the glazier’s points.       

For more insight or assistance, contact emergency glass repair companies.   

Different Options You Can Consider For Residential Glass

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Glass is an important aspect of homes as not only does this material insulate your residence from the elements, but it also works toward controlling the natural lighting in your home. As such, they are used for a myriad of applications around the home, not simply for windows. If you require glass repairs, you would be better off knowing what are the different options that are available in the market for you so as to ensure you make both a practical as well as aesthetic appealing decision. Here are some of the different options you can consider for residential glass.

Annealed glass

This type of glass is also referred to as clear float glass. This type of glass is best for homeowners who are looking for maximum sunlight transmission as well as clarity as the glass is distortion free. Commonly annealed glass will be used as the base material for doors and windows that comprise of glass products. However, it should be noted that this type of glass does not come with any added performance advantages in relation to the insulation of your home. Additionally, this type of glass will shatter into numerous pieces when it breaks so should be installed in secure areas where it would not be easy to be compromised.

Tinted glass

This type of glass is manufactured through the incorporation of metal oxides into the glass material. Tinted glass is great for people who are looking to enhance the absorption of solar energy in their home. Additionally, this type of glass can also re-radiate the heat it absorbs, which works toward reducing your heating costs. When it comes to the aesthetics of this type of glass, it usually reduces the glare of the sun on the windows and doors. It should be noted though that as much as tinted glass will absorb solar energy, it does not work toward keeping energy in the home, hence is not a practical option for homeowners who are looking to increase the insulation of their residence.

Reflective glass

This type of glass has much more solar control when compared to both annealed glass and tinted glass. To make this glass reflective, the manufactures will apply a thin metallic film to the glass hence the highly reflective surface. This reflective surface is also what makes this glass visually appealing and is a great choice for people who would like to enhance the exterior look of their home.

What You Need to Know About Etching Your Logo Into Your Hotel Shower Doors

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Etching your logo into your hotel’s bathroom shower doors is a great way to show off your brand; and in addition to adding style to your hotel bathrooms, an etched logo also offers other benefits. Thinking about etching your logo into your hotel shower doors? Here’s what you need to know:

1. Etched glass can be easier to clean than clear glass

Slow cleaning processes mean lost dollars when it comes to the hotel industry. Essentially, the faster your cleaners can get through the hotel, the fewer cleaners you have to hire and the more money you save.

Unfortunately, clear glass can be hard to clean. It is shinier and more prone to streaks. Etched glass, in contrast, hides streaks and is thus easier to clean.

2.  Etched glass doors create more privacy

Not only does etched glass help your cleaners, it can also make your hotel bathrooms more appealing to your guests. When someone showers behind an etched glass door, it gives them an extra layer of privacy compared to a clear glass door.

As a result, other people can be in and out of the bathroom at the same time. That time saving feature makes it easier for families sharing a hotel room. For example, rather than queuing for the bathroom, they can use it simultaneously as they are getting ready for a wedding or a day of sightseeing. One person can shower in relative privacy behind the etched door while other people can brush their hair or clean their teeth.

3. Etched glass can breathe new life into old shower doors

If you like the idea of etched glass but aren’t ready to put in new shower doors, keep in mind you can add etching to old glass shower doors. You can have a glass merchant add a layer of vinyl to your glass, and then, that vinyl can be etched. Some glass merchants may even be able to remove your existing glass shower doors, etch them with lasers and replace them.

If you have watermarked or cloudy glass, etching can be an effective way to save old doors and make them look beautiful again.

4. Etched logos need to be black and white

If you plan to etch your hotel logo into your shower glass, keep in mind that most etching lasers treat every part of an image as if it is black and white. If you have a coloured logo or a black, white and gray logo, you will need to work with a graphic designer on converting it to simple black and white format.

For more information, you may want to contact a local glass merchant like B.C.I. Glass

Benefits of Double Glazing for Commercial Properties

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Double glazing is a form of window system that combines multiple panes of glass to provide additional insulation, noise reduction and safety for your business. The technique involves two panes of glass separated by a spacer that contains still air or gas. The glass is fitted to your window frame and adjusted to comfortably fit both panes of glass and spacing. Here are a few of the benefits of using double glazing systems for your business:

Temperature consistency

The additional pane gives your glass an added layer of insulation, which offers a more efficient way to maintain a consistent temperature in your building than using curtains. Double glazed windows trap heat so that it isn’t able to easily escape through your windows in the winter. Also, during the hot months, it prevents heat from entering the building and traps cool temperatures inside. The additional insulation means you will use less energy on heaters and cooling systems every month, which saves many businesses a lot on overhead operating costs.

When looking into replacement windows for your new office, keep in mind that despite the initial investment, you will save much more money each month in utility costs alone. The newer technology, perfect frame fitting and extra insulation are great energy-saving tactics you should begin to deploy.

Noise reduction

Outside noise can always be a problem for businesses, particularly for those who may not be able to afford an office in an area that is conducive to quiet environments. The great thing about double glazed glass is that the added layer traps sound in and also keeps unwanted sound outside from affecting the noise level of your office. Some offices enjoy the quiet so much that they put in additional commercial glazing installations within the building’s interior to quiet the noise level that can sometimes be overwhelming in a busy office environment.

Safety first

Safety of business property and capital is always at the forefront of most business owner’s minds. With a thick layer of glass, it can be difficult for a burglar to break into your office. But imagine if you have two layers of thick glass; there would be significantly less of a chance for a burglar to break into your property without investing a lot of time and energy in doing so. While it’s great to be protected by business insurance, sometimes one of the first safety measures for your company’s future is to invest in building upgrades that are going to actually discourage burglary attempts.

Why Glass May Be the Best Material for a Kitchen Backsplash

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When renovating your kitchen or building a new home, you want to give thought to all the materials you’ll use, including that for the kitchen splashback. This part of the kitchen needs to be easy to clean and maintain, and it also is more visible than you might imagine, even if your splashback will only extend a certain distance over the oven or sink. While you have many materials from which to choose, note some reasons why glass may be the best choice for your kitchen.

1. Ease of cleanup

Any material that is porous, such as varieties of natural stone, may be difficult to clean as food splatter and grease will typically make their way into those tiny cracks and crevices of the material. You may then scrub and scrub but still find that your kitchen splashback looks dull and dirty. A glass splashback is smooth and non-porous and therefore very easy to clean.

2. Variety of styles

If you want to give your kitchen a bit of style and personality, one of the easiest ways to do this is with a glass splashback that is dyed a certain colour. You might opt for a bold red for a retro look, or choose a sage green for something more natural. Slate grey or soft blue can add colour to a modern kitchen without detracting from the look of the countertop or appliances.

Note too that the size of the glass blocks will also affect the look. Small glass squares can fill up a large space whereas very large glass blocks will seem clean, simple and very modern. These looks are difficult to achieve with steel, stone and other such materials.

3. Ease of replacement and repair

If you happen to crack one glass tile on your splashback, a glazier may be able to easily repair that chip or replace just that one tile. If you crack a large stone tile on a splashback, repair may be impossible and replacement may be very costly. For less maintenance costs down the road, opt for glass.

4. Light reflection

Glass bounces around light in any space, so a glass splashback can make a small and dark kitchen seem larger and brighter. Even if you have the glass tinted or coloured, the reflective surface should help your kitchen feel bigger. Stone or any similar material will simply absorb light rather than reflect it.

Can Your Windscreen Be Repaired or Does It Need to Be Replaced?

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Windscreen repair companies often offer to fix a crack or chip in your windscreen; these can typically be filled with a type of resin that dries clear and which then gives you a windscreen that looks brand new, for much less money than replacing the windscreen itself. While this repair can be done for a number of defects you might get in your windscreen, not all chips and cracks can be fixed this way. Note a few factors a technician will consider when it comes to having a windscreen replaced versus repaired, so you can better expect the type of repair bill you might face for your car.

1. Depth of the crack or chip

Your windscreen glass is actually made up of more than one layer of glass, for added strength and safety during a collision. If the crack or chip has reached the second layer of glass, it may not be easily filled in with a resin. Not only is it too deep for the resin to repair, it might also be compromising the safety and strength of the glass. The resin used to fill in cracks and chips will help to keep the windscreen strong, but it’s not typically as strong as new glass itself. If a technician feels that the depth of the crack compromises the safety of the windscreen or is too deep for the resin to keep the glass bonded, the windscreen may need to be replaced.

2. Length of the crack

Because the resin used to fill in the crack or chip of a windscreen is not as strong as the glass itself, the length of the crack needs to be considered. The longer the crack in the windscreen, the less durable the glass, and resin may not be able to actually bond and hold it together. If a crack in your windscreen has already spread across the screen itself, you may need to replace it altogether.

3. Location of the crack of chip

Even though a resin used to fill in cracks and chips dries clear, there may still be small imperfections in the screen left behind after a repair. If this compromises a driver’s visibility, it’s best to have a new windscreen installed. If a crack or chip is near the edge of the windscreen, this can make the windscreen more likely to break away from the frame during a collision. This too might mean that it’s best to replace the windscreen rather than repair it.  

For more information, contact a local windscreen repair company like Glasszilla

Why Upgrading Your Home’s Windows Is Worth the Extra Cost

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Your home’s windows may be more important to its overall energy efficiency than you realise, and if you need the glass replaced on the windows, you might want to think about upgrading them at the same time. This can include choosing double-glazed or even-triple glazed windows, thermal panes, and other such options. If you haven’t thought about how or why you should upgrade your home’s windows, note the following.

1. Noise insulation

If you live near the expressway or a construction site, or there is a school nearby, you may want all the noise insulation you can get in your home. Glass actually carries sound, so if you have thin panes of glass with no glazing, then chances are the sound is actually being brought into your home rather than staying outside where it belong.

Choosing noise insulating glass can keep out those sounds and can even insulate the sounds in particular rooms. You might notice that the family room seems quieter when you choose noise insulating glass, as the sounds from the children are kept inside that room and absorbed by the windows rather than traveling throughout the home.

2. Older construction, poor insulation

If you have an older home with poor insulation and that feels very drafty and uncomfortable, you may not be able to afford to replace the fibreglass insulation in the attic and purchase a new roof as well. However, if you need to replace broken glass in your windows, you can take that opportunity to better insulate your home that way.

This one step toward better insulation can mean letting out less heat in the winter and keeping your air conditioning in during summertime. As you can afford it, you can then make the decision to upgrade other insulating factors in your home.

3. Sun protection factor

You may think of being protected from the sun when it comes to your skin, but what about the fabric on your furniture, your houseplants, carpeting, and everything else you own? If these things are exposed to constant sunlight during summer months, they can fade and be damaged. Even electronics can stay overly warm when in the sunlight and in turn, their components may wear out faster than they should since they can never adequately cool down.

When you choose to have your windows glazed, this can keep out damaging rays from the sun and protect everything in your home. It can even protect your skin when you sit by the windows during the summer months. Learn more about your options by contacting resources like Glass In Paradise.

3 Simple Tips on Fixing Scratched Window Panes

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Residential window panes can easily sustain damage due to accidental impacts from the outdoors or within the house. It is important for you to engage an emergency glass repair company when the damage is considerable. The significant problems include glass cracks, holes and dents on security windows.

If the damage is a simple scratch that has not penetrated the panes, you can choose carry out repairs. You should examine the scrape to ensure that it is superficial and the effect is purely in terms of aesthetics. You can perform the task with common items using these simple methods and tips.

Metal Polish Fix

You should clean the scratch and the area around it with a soft lint-free cloth before attempting this fix. Rough fabrics as well as paper towels are unsuitable because they can easily add more scrapes to the surface. This will cause more aesthetic and even functional damage.

When the area is clean, dab some metal polish on another dry cloth. This product can be purchased from local stores at a relatively low price. Rub the polish onto the scratched section gently to fix the damage and do not use the material in excess. The damage will disappear or become less apparent depending on severity of the damage.

Nail Polish Fix

Clear nail polish can eliminate scratches on residential glass windows when used appropriately. Clean the damaged glass thoroughly with a window cleaner and make sure that you have dried the area thoroughly. Moisture and dirt will affect the ability of the nail polish to adhere on the glass panes.

Apply an even coat of the clear fluid onto the scratched area using the bottle’s original or identical brush. This will cover the damage and restore the original appearance of the window. You should ensure that the layer is not matted or heavily applied because this will affect aesthetics. In addition, you can use some polish remover on a cloth to remove any excess material.

DIY Scratch Remover

If you do not want to apply polish on your glass windows, you can create your own scratch remover treatment. Make a paste by mixing white toothpaste, water and baking soda. These are all mild items so they will not cause damage to you or your windows. Rub the paste over the scratch in circular motions with a damp cloth and wash the area with a clean cloth. You will have to repeat the process for quality results.

For more tips or assistance, you can always contact repair services like Midland Glass and Aluminium.

Dazzling Kitchens: 3 Inspired Decorative Ideas For Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

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Kitchen splashbacks started out as a practical layer of protection between sinks and walls, but have transformed into attractive embellishments that can upscale the look of your kitchen instantly. A stylish glass kitchen splashback adds a contemporary feel to your kitchen, while preventing dirt and grime from accumulating on walls. Splashback comes in a variety of colours and removes mould issues, since there are no crevices on its surface. Inspire your creativity with these exceptional decorative ideas.

Mirrored Glass Kitchen Splashback

A mirrored glass kitchen splashback is an excellently versatile solution for small kitchens as this helps to open up the room to give the whole area the illusion of space. A mirrored glass kitchen splashback is a single panel with no joints to create a flawlessly continual appearance. Just like regular glass, mirrors are extremely easy to clean. In most instances, a simple soap water solution will do the trick. If you’re looking to infuse a sense of space and style to your kitchen, a mirrored glass material is a great choice.

Solid Coloured Glass Kitchen Splashback

Because glass is transparent, you can paint one side of the glass in any colour you desire before installing it as a kitchen splashback. Many homeowners like to maintain a homogenous effect by matching the kitchen splashback colour to the colour of the cabinetry and benchtops. But you could also choose a completely different colour to create a focal point for your kitchen sink area around the splashback. You even have the choice of choosing between a glossy or matte finish, depending on your personal taste and preference.

Patterned Glass Kitchen Splashback

If you want to make a transformational impact on the look of your kitchen, consider installing a patterned glass kitchen splashback. Choose between floral patterns with lots of colour detail, abstract patterns that follow a monochromatic tone or geometric shapes with a myriad of hues. Make a choice based on your personal taste and style. A beautiful and intricately crafted pattern on a glass kitchen splashback balances design and function brilliantly to produce a unique masterpiece that reinvents the appearance of the entire kitchen almost instantly.

A glass kitchen splashback adds a designer touch to any home. And because it is so easy to clean with a simple microfibre cloth and soap water, they continues to lead the market when it comes to protecting walls. Talk to local suppliers or experts for more information about your options.