Dazzling Kitchens: 3 Inspired Decorative Ideas For Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks started out as a practical layer of protection between sinks and walls, but have transformed into attractive embellishments that can upscale the look of your kitchen instantly. A stylish glass kitchen splashback adds a contemporary feel to your kitchen, while preventing dirt and grime from accumulating on walls. Splashback comes in a variety of colours and removes mould issues, since there are no crevices on its surface. Inspire your creativity with these exceptional decorative ideas.

Mirrored Glass Kitchen Splashback

A mirrored glass kitchen splashback is an excellently versatile solution for small kitchens as this helps to open up the room to give the whole area the illusion of space. A mirrored glass kitchen splashback is a single panel with no joints to create a flawlessly continual appearance. Just like regular glass, mirrors are extremely easy to clean. In most instances, a simple soap water solution will do the trick. If you're looking to infuse a sense of space and style to your kitchen, a mirrored glass material is a great choice.

Solid Coloured Glass Kitchen Splashback

Because glass is transparent, you can paint one side of the glass in any colour you desire before installing it as a kitchen splashback. Many homeowners like to maintain a homogenous effect by matching the kitchen splashback colour to the colour of the cabinetry and benchtops. But you could also choose a completely different colour to create a focal point for your kitchen sink area around the splashback. You even have the choice of choosing between a glossy or matte finish, depending on your personal taste and preference.

Patterned Glass Kitchen Splashback

If you want to make a transformational impact on the look of your kitchen, consider installing a patterned glass kitchen splashback. Choose between floral patterns with lots of colour detail, abstract patterns that follow a monochromatic tone or geometric shapes with a myriad of hues. Make a choice based on your personal taste and style. A beautiful and intricately crafted pattern on a glass kitchen splashback balances design and function brilliantly to produce a unique masterpiece that reinvents the appearance of the entire kitchen almost instantly.

A glass kitchen splashback adds a designer touch to any home. And because it is so easy to clean with a simple microfibre cloth and soap water, they continues to lead the market when it comes to protecting walls. Talk to local suppliers or experts for more information about your options.