What You Need to Know About Etching Your Logo Into Your Hotel Shower Doors

Etching your logo into your hotel's bathroom shower doors is a great way to show off your brand; and in addition to adding style to your hotel bathrooms, an etched logo also offers other benefits. Thinking about etching your logo into your hotel shower doors? Here's what you need to know:

1. Etched glass can be easier to clean than clear glass

Slow cleaning processes mean lost dollars when it comes to the hotel industry. Essentially, the faster your cleaners can get through the hotel, the fewer cleaners you have to hire and the more money you save.

Unfortunately, clear glass can be hard to clean. It is shinier and more prone to streaks. Etched glass, in contrast, hides streaks and is thus easier to clean.

2.  Etched glass doors create more privacy

Not only does etched glass help your cleaners, it can also make your hotel bathrooms more appealing to your guests. When someone showers behind an etched glass door, it gives them an extra layer of privacy compared to a clear glass door.

As a result, other people can be in and out of the bathroom at the same time. That time saving feature makes it easier for families sharing a hotel room. For example, rather than queuing for the bathroom, they can use it simultaneously as they are getting ready for a wedding or a day of sightseeing. One person can shower in relative privacy behind the etched door while other people can brush their hair or clean their teeth.

3. Etched glass can breathe new life into old shower doors

If you like the idea of etched glass but aren't ready to put in new shower doors, keep in mind you can add etching to old glass shower doors. You can have a glass merchant add a layer of vinyl to your glass, and then, that vinyl can be etched. Some glass merchants may even be able to remove your existing glass shower doors, etch them with lasers and replace them.

If you have watermarked or cloudy glass, etching can be an effective way to save old doors and make them look beautiful again.

4. Etched logos need to be black and white

If you plan to etch your hotel logo into your shower glass, keep in mind that most etching lasers treat every part of an image as if it is black and white. If you have a coloured logo or a black, white and gray logo, you will need to work with a graphic designer on converting it to simple black and white format.

For more information, you may want to contact a local glass merchant like B.C.I. Glass