Steps on How to Replace Broken Window Glass

Replacing a broken window can be expensive. Doing the job yourself, however, requires careful attention to detail and the right preparation, materials, and tools. Here's a quick overview of how to tackle this job yourself. 

Preparing the Window for New Glass

These instructions apply to windows of most sizes though for large windows, you will first need to remove the entire window frame, placing it on a flat surface before attempting to remove any broken glass. For smaller windows, you can begin by removing the broken glass piece by piece. Always wear sturdy gloves and a long-sleeved shirt. If the window is only cracked, you'll first need to remove the putty from the edge of the window before removing the cracked pane.

To remove putty, use a putty knife, a chisel, or a jackknife. Break the putty into pieces as you remove it as removing long strips in one go might damage the wood frame. Ensure that you have removed all of the putty. Putty can be heated up with a heat gun or soldering iron if it is difficult to remove.

You can then remove the glazier's points, which are the small metal triangles that hold the glass in place. Next, remove any rough parts in the groove in the wooden frame where the new glass will sit. For older wooden frames, apply a heavy coat of linseed oil, allowing it to soak in. Linseed oil helps the new putty retain its moisture for longer. Now you can apply a thin layer of putty around the groove of the frame.

Installing New Glass

The next step is to fit the new pane of glass. Ensure that the pane is the exact measurements of the old pane. If the new glass is too large, it can be cut to size using a good quality glass cutter. Position the glass carefully, pressing firmly down and then inserting a glazier's point at regular intervals along each side. Glazier's points should sit flush against the glass with the spike pressed firmly into the frame using your knife or chisel.

The final step is to apply the putty, which should have the consistency of thick dough and should be free of lumps. Roll the putty into pencil-size strips and begin to apply at the corners of the frame using your knife to spread the putty. Use a glazing tool with a little linseed oil to smooth over the putty. Ensure that the putty covers the glazier's points.       

For more insight or assistance, contact emergency glass repair companies.