Qualities Of Glass Shower Screens That Make Them A First Rate Choice Over Acrylic

After an intense and sweaty workout or a long, mind-numbing day at work, the first thing you may want to do is get home and relax by having a long, scalding hot shower. However, this utilitarian function does not mean the aesthetic of your shower and bathroom at large does not matter. The more appealing this space, the more enjoyable time in it is. One of the measures that you can take is taking down the shower curtain and installing a shower screen, which not only adds visual interest but also keeps water from pooling on the bathroom floor.

Although acrylic was the typical material utilised for the manufacture of shower screens, glass has progressively taken the industry by storm. And while acrylic and other polycarbonates are the cheaper options, glass offers advantages hard to come by with an acrylic shower screen. Check out these two qualities of glass shower screens that make them a first-rate choice over acrylic. 

Glass showers screens have a luxe appearance and feel

The affordability of acrylic shower screens is what makes them attractive to some homeowners but when it comes to the allure of your bathroom, neither do they enhance the look nor the feel. Not only do hard acrylic panels sound hollow when tapped but also, their solid appearance can make the space look compartmentalised. And if you have a small bathroom, acrylic shower screens will only make it appear more cramped. 

Glass shower screens, on the other hand, can make your bathroom appear more spacious, more so if you choose clear tempered glass. Individuals that may want a degree of privacy could invest in glass sower screens that come in frosted patterns and decorative designs or simply choose a translucent glass.

Glass shower screens offer endurance

Contrary to popular belief, glass does not have to be fragile. The type of glass that is vulnerable to shattering even exposed to the least amount of impact is annealed glass and this is not utilised for shower screen applications. Instead, the glass shower screens are manufactured from various types of safety glass. First, there is tempered glass that is created by putting the glass through heating and cooling processes or via chemical processes to toughen it. Second, there is wired glass that, as the name suggests, contains a wire mesh inside to strengthen it.

Therefore, you do not have to be worried about the shower screen collapsing if you accidentally slip and bump into it. Acrylic shower screens conversely are not as durable. This material is lightweight making it susceptible to cosmetic damage as well as breakage. Furthermore, acrylic has a tendency of yellowing over time, which is not an issue that manifests with glass shower screens.

If you'd like to learn more about shower screens, reach out to a local glass company.