What Influences the Final Cost of Glass Splashback Installation?

If you are looking for a way to automatically improve the appearance of a room without having to engage in an extended remodelling project, you should consider the installation of glass splashbacks. These splashbacks stand out from their counterparts such as acrylic, metal and ceramic tile because of the range of advantages that they offer. Not only can they make a room appear larger than it is but they also can help with eliminating shadows, creating a visually interesting focal wall and more.

But one thing that some homeowners tend to be shocked about is the cost of installing glass splashbacks. Contrary to popular belief, it does not merely entail the sticking of glass onto the wall. To help you estimate what this project will cost you, here are some of the factors that will influence the final cost of glass splashback installation.

Labour costs

One of the first factors to take into consideration when determining the overall price of glass splashback installation is the labour costs. What you may be surprised to learn is that if the glass splashbacks are in standardised sized then they may not affect the cost of labour since it is similar to installing tile splashbacks. Instead, you would have to take into account aspects such as the square footage of the area where you want to the glass splashbacks installed. In usual cases, the tradies will charge per square metre so the bigger the area, the higher the cost.

Another element that will affect the cost of labour is the complexity of the project. For instance, if the tradies need to create multiple cut-outs to accommodate outlets, the more you can expect to pay for their labour. Lastly, the type of glass being employed for the splashbacks will also influence the labour costs, as some splashbacks will need more prep work than others.

Type of splashbacks

There are a couple of considerations to have when it comes to the type of splashbacks, as both these factors will directly affect the cost of the project. For starters, you need to establish if you will be installing solid glass panels or tiles. While solid panels will cost more to acquire since they are large, they are surprisingly more affordable in terms of labour since they are not time-intensive to install.

Secondly, you need to establish which material will be best for your glass splashbacks. If you are looking to add colour to the walls, you will have to choose between printed glass splashbacks and the back-painted variety. Printed splashbacks present you with a vast selection of options to choose in terms of imagery, patterns and more whereas the back-painted option presents you the chance to add a solid colour to your walls. Other types of splashbacks you can consider include mirrored glass, toughened glass and low-iron glass.