How a Frameless Glass Shower Improves a Bathroom

One way to transform your bathroom is to upgrade it with a frameless glass shower. Here are several ways this will improve your space.

Make the Room Seem Larger

Pushing out walls is a major construction project which is not something you may want to undertake for your bathroom. An alternate approach to make a bathroom seem bigger is by minimising the components you install in the room. For example, the shower is the element that takes the most space. Therefore, aim to make it as unobtrusive as possible. That way, the room will feel larger. A frameless design is best able to do this as the glass screens only require small metal hardware. Thus, these frames appear almost invisible. They don't block a large area of the bathroom from view and make the room seem smaller and more crowded.


Rooms that are brighter tend to feel bigger. Conversely, dim lighting gives the illusion that a room is smaller. You can take advantage of these illusory effects in your bathroom. Make sure it is as well lit as possible. That said, you might not think the shower is relevant to lighting. Yet, it can help. First, transparent glass doesn't block the light but instead lets it flow freely throughout the room.

Additionally, polished surfaces, such as glass, are reflective. So the shower screens will bounce light rays onto other surfaces. In this way, a glass shower maximises a room's light and doesn't detract from its brightness.

Layout Options

Custom frameless shower screens can be pieced together in various ways to make the most of your specific bathroom. For example, in a small room, you could construct a compact shower. Otherwise, you could design a long, skinny shower that might fit better. Another possibility is to install a fixed panel in a room corner and leave one end open. In an expansive bathroom, you could install a luxuriously large shower. Premanufactured, fully-framed showers don't allow for such freedom of choice. You have to settle for what's available and thus can't maximise the attributes of your bathroom.


Smooth glass panels evoke a sleek look reminiscent of an icy glacier. They bring svelte beauty into the room. By installing a frameless design, you're not marring the glass with bulky metal frames. Frameless designs let the aesthetics of the glass come to the fore. Conversely, the extensive metal borders on fully-framed showers attract more attention than the glass, so they ruin the effect somewhat.

To learn more, contact a company that services frameless shower screens