How To Choose A Glass Replacement Company

Broken glass presents a hazard in your home. For instance, your kids could suffer injuries as they play around the area. Given the risks associated with glass replacement, it would be prudent to engage the services of a glass replacement company. This piece discusses what homeowners should consider when hiring a glass replacement company. 


The general rule is to work with reputable companies. Your immediate concern may be whether the company has a licence to conduct glazing works. Moreover, assess customer reviews to determine the reliability and professionalism of the company's glaziers. For instance, do they arrive on time? Do they conduct neat work? It would be unfortunate if the glazier left broken glass and putty in the working area. Finally, ask if they offer guarantees. In some cases, the glazier will work in your absence. Therefore, ensure that the company conducts thorough background checks on its employees. This way, you will not feel uncomfortable sending the glazier to your home when you are away.  

Safety Protocols

The company's glaziers must observe safety when handling and installing the glass. For instance, they must have PPEs such as gloves, boots and safety glasses. The glaziers must have safety harnesses when replacing glass in elevated places. In some cases, the glaziers need to lift large, heavy windows weighing hundreds of kilograms. As such, the company must provide specialised equipment such as glass suction cups to ease lifting and installation. The devices also protect the glaziers from injuries when working. Finally, the company must insure the glaziers to ensure customers are not liable for injuries suffered as the employees work on their premises. 

Opt For Companies Offering Extra Services 

In some cases, you may need additional services. For example, you might need to add a protective film to prevent the glass from breaking or getting smashed by kids as they play. Moreover, you could want to tint your windows to improve their efficiency and provide much-needed privacy. If you are concerned with your home's security, you could be interested in high-quality window locks. In some cases, you might not need these services when hiring the company; however, if the company offers these services, the glazier will inform you how you can increase the durability and functionality of your windows. 

Pricing And Terms 

The glazing company should have a reasonable price point. Typically, it should break down the costs of purchasing the glass and the labour charges. It enables you to tell whether you will get value for your money. Assess the company's terms to know the operating hours, your responsibilities and the liability policies. 

When choosing a glass replacement company, examine its reputation, safety protocols, extra services and pricing.