Five reasons to go for glass when you install a new kitchen splashback

A splashback can make or break a kitchen renovation. They're a great opportunity to make a feature of your cooking space, but the wrong one will detract from the overall look and feel of the room no matter how beautiful your cabinets are! Glass is a clean, modern splashback option that you may not have considered — so read on to learn more about why a glass splashback could be the perfect choice for your kitchen. 

#1: They're the easiest to clean of all the major splashback options.

By its very nature, glass is a wipe-clean surface. Tiled splashbacks come with grout that absorbs stains and creates grooves for dirt to build up in, and linoleum splashbacks can lift and peel in ways that accumulate dirt behind them or in cracks and corners — but glass doesn't have these issues and can simply be wiped down with your ordinary kitchen cleaning agents.

#2: They're hard-wearing, long-lasting and extremely durable.

The tempered glass used to make these splashbacks is heat-resistant and incredibly strong, giving them a significantly longer lifespan than you could expect from many of the other options. They're also very safe: in the highly unlikely event that one of them did shatter, you wouldn't have broken glass all over your kitchen! They use the same material as car windows, eliminating most of the risk of such a breakage.

#3: They're easy to customise and can capture any look and feel you want.

Glass is immensely versatile. It can be painted, stained, dyed, engraved, moulded or embossed, and it can also sit over the top of any paper, material, pattern or design you like. What about an autumn-themed splashback including pressed leaves, a splashback showcasing a mural painted for you by your children or a fully mirrored splashback to make your kitchen feel bigger? The possibilities are endless.

#4: They're so simple to install that almost anyone could do it.

Once a splashback has been cut to size and has had the holes drilled to be fixed to the wall, installation becomes as simple as hanging a picture. Custom-made glass splashbacks shouldn't be modified at home — any attempt to cut the glass will weaken and potentially shatter it — but assuming it's been measured correctly, you shouldn't need to pay extra labour costs to put it in place.

#5: They're the perfect solution for non-standard spaces and tricky corners.

Tiles come in fixed sizes, and while they can be cut, they often look messy and disturb the pattern. If your kitchen is a slightly unusual shape or has a lot of corners, glass will be easier to fit to it; panes have no predetermined size and can be cut into any shape you need them.

For more information on glass splashbacks, contact a company near you.