Four Types of Windows to Consider For Your Replacement

If you are in need of new windows, now is the perfect time for an upgrade. Instead of just changing one or two windows with cracks in them, consider replacing all of the windows in your home with a more insulated and energy-efficient option. Here are some different types of windows to choose from. Double and Triple Pane Windows When you intend to replace all the windows in your home, going for an upgrade like double or triple-pane windows is a great option. Read More 

Steps on How to Replace Broken Window Glass

Replacing a broken window can be expensive. Doing the job yourself, however, requires careful attention to detail and the right preparation, materials, and tools. Here's a quick overview of how to tackle this job yourself.  Preparing the Window for New Glass These instructions apply to windows of most sizes though for large windows, you will first need to remove the entire window frame, placing it on a flat surface before attempting to remove any broken glass. Read More