Qualities Of Glass Shower Screens That Make Them A First Rate Choice Over Acrylic

After an intense and sweaty workout or a long, mind-numbing day at work, the first thing you may want to do is get home and relax by having a long, scalding hot shower. However, this utilitarian function does not mean the aesthetic of your shower and bathroom at large does not matter. The more appealing this space, the more enjoyable time in it is. One of the measures that you can take is taking down the shower curtain and installing a shower screen, which not only adds visual interest but also keeps water from pooling on the bathroom floor. Read More 

Cleaning tips for glass splashbacks

After purchasing a glass splashback for your kitchen, the next step is to ensure that you clean and maintain them. Cleaning splashbacks regularly is an essential step of ensuring they maintain their fresh and elegant look for your kitchen. Your cleaning routine will ultimately produce the best results. The tips below will guide your cleaning routine for your glass splashbacks: Clean immediately  When spills and splashes occur, you should clean them immediately. Read More 

Four Types of Windows to Consider For Your Replacement

If you are in need of new windows, now is the perfect time for an upgrade. Instead of just changing one or two windows with cracks in them, consider replacing all of the windows in your home with a more insulated and energy-efficient option. Here are some different types of windows to choose from. Double and Triple Pane Windows When you intend to replace all the windows in your home, going for an upgrade like double or triple-pane windows is a great option. Read More 

Steps on How to Replace Broken Window Glass

Replacing a broken window can be expensive. Doing the job yourself, however, requires careful attention to detail and the right preparation, materials, and tools. Here's a quick overview of how to tackle this job yourself.  Preparing the Window for New Glass These instructions apply to windows of most sizes though for large windows, you will first need to remove the entire window frame, placing it on a flat surface before attempting to remove any broken glass. Read More 

Different Options You Can Consider For Residential Glass

Glass is an important aspect of homes as not only does this material insulate your residence from the elements, but it also works toward controlling the natural lighting in your home. As such, they are used for a myriad of applications around the home, not simply for windows. If you require glass repairs, you would be better off knowing what are the different options that are available in the market for you so as to ensure you make both a practical as well as aesthetic appealing decision. Read More