Live Next Door to a School? A Quick Guid to Minimising Glass Repairs

If you live next door to a schoolyard, you can often find your backyard becomes the resting place for an assortment of balls and other sporting equipment. Unfortunately that can also mean that your side or back windows often experience the sad effects of a cricket ball, and you'll be used to coming home to shattered glass. Here are some ways to minimise the pain of regular glass repairs. Speak to the school Read More 

How to Integrate Glass into Your Kitchen

For people who want a sleek and contemporary feel in their kitchen, glass is an underused material that will create the style they are looking for. And because glass is transparent, it can create a feeling of light and space in a room of the house which is often crammed full of appliances and storage, and that can really benefit from a feeling of airiness. If you think you'd be interested in integrating glass into your kitchen, there are a few ways you can do this. Read More