Why Glass May Be the Best Material for a Kitchen Backsplash

When renovating your kitchen or building a new home, you want to give thought to all the materials you'll use, including that for the kitchen splashback. This part of the kitchen needs to be easy to clean and maintain, and it also is more visible than you might imagine, even if your splashback will only extend a certain distance over the oven or sink. While you have many materials from which to choose, note some reasons why glass may be the best choice for your kitchen. Read More 

Can Your Windscreen Be Repaired or Does It Need to Be Replaced?

Windscreen repair companies often offer to fix a crack or chip in your windscreen; these can typically be filled with a type of resin that dries clear and which then gives you a windscreen that looks brand new, for much less money than replacing the windscreen itself. While this repair can be done for a number of defects you might get in your windscreen, not all chips and cracks can be fixed this way. Read More 

Why Upgrading Your Home’s Windows Is Worth the Extra Cost

Your home's windows may be more important to its overall energy efficiency than you realise, and if you need the glass replaced on the windows, you might want to think about upgrading them at the same time. This can include choosing double-glazed or even-triple glazed windows, thermal panes, and other such options. If you haven't thought about how or why you should upgrade your home's windows, note the following. 1. Noise insulation Read More 

3 Simple Tips on Fixing Scratched Window Panes

Residential window panes can easily sustain damage due to accidental impacts from the outdoors or within the house. It is important for you to engage an emergency glass repair company when the damage is considerable. The significant problems include glass cracks, holes and dents on security windows. If the damage is a simple scratch that has not penetrated the panes, you can choose carry out repairs. You should examine the scrape to ensure that it is superficial and the effect is purely in terms of aesthetics. Read More 

Dazzling Kitchens: 3 Inspired Decorative Ideas For Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks started out as a practical layer of protection between sinks and walls, but have transformed into attractive embellishments that can upscale the look of your kitchen instantly. A stylish glass kitchen splashback adds a contemporary feel to your kitchen, while preventing dirt and grime from accumulating on walls. Splashback comes in a variety of colours and removes mould issues, since there are no crevices on its surface. Inspire your creativity with these exceptional decorative ideas. Read More