How To Choose A Glass Replacement Company

Broken glass presents a hazard in your home. For instance, your kids could suffer injuries as they play around the area. Given the risks associated with glass replacement, it would be prudent to engage the services of a glass replacement company. This piece discusses what homeowners should consider when hiring a glass replacement company.  Reputation The general rule is to work with reputable companies. Your immediate concern may be whether the company has a licence to conduct glazing works. Read More 

How a Frameless Glass Shower Improves a Bathroom

One way to transform your bathroom is to upgrade it with a frameless glass shower. Here are several ways this will improve your space. Make the Room Seem Larger Pushing out walls is a major construction project which is not something you may want to undertake for your bathroom. An alternate approach to make a bathroom seem bigger is by minimising the components you install in the room. For example, the shower is the element that takes the most space. Read More 

Three Benefits of a Custom Frameless Glass Shower

You might be considering installing a frameless glass shower during your bathroom renovation. Read about the following advantages while deciding whether to instal one in your bathroom. Spaciousness A frameless shower is a great way to make your bathroom feel bigger and more open. Transparent screens make the enclosure nearly invisible, regardless of the shower's actual size. So, the screens don't serve as a room divider because you can see through them to the wall and all other room sections. Read More 

What Influences the Final Cost of Glass Splashback Installation?

If you are looking for a way to automatically improve the appearance of a room without having to engage in an extended remodelling project, you should consider the installation of glass splashbacks. These splashbacks stand out from their counterparts such as acrylic, metal and ceramic tile because of the range of advantages that they offer. Not only can they make a room appear larger than it is but they also can help with eliminating shadows, creating a visually interesting focal wall and more. Read More 

Four Major Benefits of Installing the Right Residential Glass Windows

Investing in a home is a huge milestone.  A home is a place you will spend a considerable amount of time in, and it's therefore vital to make the best out of it. The windows are an essential part of any home. Choosing the ideal windows helps create a conducive environment for your loved ones. Where possible, you should install glass windows to make your home attractive and boost its value. Read More